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Your Plumber Tip

The toilet is an essential part of your home, but it likely won’t be the centerpiece of your holiday celebrations… unless it’s attracting the wrong kind of attention. A leaking or overflowing toilet can put a serious damper on the season’s festivities- and having extra guests in your home can put you at a higher risk.

Check out these tips to set your bathroom up for success and flush your water worries away:

  • Keep toilet tanks clear- NO items on the back of the tank. Curious children can drop items into the bowl causing a clog.
  • Prep your toilet before guests arrive. Use a plunger to assist in keeping clogs at bay.
  • Don’t overdo it on the toilet paper. The leading cause of clogs is too much toilet paper. Tis the season to be frugal (Just not on gifts)
  • Be sure pipes are clear of clogs, have Your Plumber take a look to ensure a safe and healthy Holiday.

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